Around The World Business Class Tickets from Australia

Business or First Class Around The World Tickets

Want More Leg Room? Getting out of Economy with Business or First Class Tickets

One of the stereotypes associated with Around the World Travel is doing everything as budget as possible: flying on the cheapest airlines, staying at the cheapest places and eating the cheapest foods. More and more though, round the world travelers are factoring a bit more into their budgets to meet their individual travelling style of travelling in Business or First Class. Generally booking a Business or First Class flight will be 3 or 4 times the Economy Fare. Booking these flights through us can mean setting aside a little less of your budget for the added expense of a First Class flight because the way our agents can book these flights, they will be significantly cheaper.


Many travellers have acquired these tastes in travelling because they are frequent travellers and therefore also have frequent flyer points they want to earn through their travels. Booking with us, you typically still have the option of earning your frequent flyer points, but at a cheaper cost for the flight itself. And if for some reason we can’t arrange this, we’ll let you decide if you want to book through the airline directly.

One of the best things about booking through us is that everything can be handcrafted to meet your needs. If you want to fly First Class on your long-haul flights but want to save the money on shorter journeys, we can do this for you. You can upgrade only the flights you want. And the upgrades will be much cheaper than if you book them yourself online. Contact one of our agents now to explore these options.