FAQs (Making Changes)

Can I get a refund if I cancel my booking?

Once you’ve paid for your booking, cancellations tend to incur charges, if they’re possible at all. Some tickets are non-refundable and for those, you won’t get anything back. If the tickets are refundable, most airlines will charge a cancellation fee of roughly one third of the cost of the ticket, depending on the fare and airline. If you do submit for a refund, expect it to take up to 6 months to get your money back.
If you have taken out travel insurance and your reason for cancelling is covered, you should get money back, minus a deductible. You will have to refer back to your policy documents to see if you are eligible for this. This will only cover you if your reasons fit within what’s allowed by your insurance policy.
We do recommend that you purchase travel insurance when you book your first flights so you are covered if something out of your control prevents you from travelling.

Can I change the dates or times of my flights?
Yes. There will typically be fees incurred if you need to make changes to your flights. Each airline will have different rules regarding this and when you make your booking, you will be informed of the rules relating to each of your flights in writing. You will also be subject to paying any difference in price if the new flight is more expensive. It’s often easiest to contact the airlines directly to make these changes, but you can also contact your agent or our customer services team, though you will incur a charge for this as well.

Can I change the destinations or route for my flights?
Yes. Unfortunately, it’s not done as simply as if you are simply changing dates or times. With destination changes, we have to cancel your original ticket and purchase a new ticket to the new destination.
For the cancellation of the ticket, if it is refundable, you will be required to pay a cancellation fee, usually about one third of the cost of the ticket, though this varies by airline and fare. Many tickets, particularly if you’re getting the cheapest seats, will not be refundable. You will of course also have to pay for the new tickets.

This obviously incurs quite a bit of expense so it is best to have your route pretty set in stone when you book your tickets. Things can obviously happen that might require you to make routing changes, and in those cases, we are happy to help and will do our best so it costs you as little as possible.

If something happens, will I be able to make changes after I’ve booked?
If you’ve booked an Open or Flex ticket, making changes after you’ve booked and from the road is no problem at all, but even if you haven’t booked an Open or Flex ticket, contact your agent and we will do our best to make the necessary changes for you, subject to availability of seats and any fare differences. While some airlines don’t charge a fee for changes, others do and can range from $50.00AUD to $150.00AUD.