Making Changes

When we book this type of trip a question that often comes up is can I make changes to my booking? Prior to payment and the issuing of tickets, this is not a problem. However, once the ticket has been issued, we’re a bit more limited. It’s therefore very important to be happy with your itinerary prior to completing your booking and paying for it. That being said, change are allowed subject to the availability of seats plus fare differences, if any, and depending on the type of fare initially purchased. Though some airlines don’t charge change fees, some fares are subject to change fees varying from $50.00AUD to $150.00AUD.

Changes prior to departure
Usually, once the tickets have been issued, it’s possible to to change the date of the flight but not the destination. Airlines do charge penalties for doing this however, so if you’re trying to stick to a tight budget, it’s best to avoid it if possible. Both the ability to do this and the cost involved in doing this will vary, depending on the airline. If this becomes an issue for you, contact your agent and they can advise you of the cost for your specific flight in question.

If you need to change your destination for some reason, things are a bit more difficult. Usually these types of changes are not allowed and therefore you will need to cancel your booking and purchase new tickets to the new destination. Again, depending on the airline and the fare you’ve purchased, the amount of the refund may vary. Often, if you get the cheapest fares on a ticket, it will be non-refundable. If you find yourself needing to change destinations, contact your agent and they will assist you to sort out the best deal possible.

Change after departure

If you run into problems on your travels and need to make changes to a flight, it’s often best to contact the airline directly. You will run into the same issues and costs as you would have prior to departure but they will be able to more quickly make arrangements. Sometimes the airlines might refer you back to the agency who issued your ticket, us. We will be happy to help and if it requires a quick response, it is best to contact our Customer Services Department which might be able to respond quicker. If you have time and would prefer to contact your personal agent, they would obviously also be happy to help.

Changes on an Open or Flex Ticket

As described on our Open or Flex Ticket page, these tickets allow you to avoid committing to specific dates prior to your departure and therefore you can make amendments to your dates from the road as you don’t have to commit before you leave. While these tickets are more expensive, they leave you the flexibility to make changes and therefore save you the cost of the change penalties if you think you might run into a situation where your dates might change.