Round the world tickets have come into the frame with a bang. All of you must have dreamt of a trip of your lifetime  at some point in your life, going from one city to another, covering continents little by little. You may even have thought up a plan to arrange all that money and supplies. The only hurdle that must have come in the way of materializing those plans would have been airfares. With a carefully planned round the world ticket, your dream of globetrotting is not out of reach. Here is all you need to know about around the world airfares.

First of all, you need to know that around the world tickets are booked on an alliance of airlines (there are quite a few that exist) which take you from destination to destination for the refundable ticket price on each leg. There are quite a few rules you need to abide by to avail the actual benefits this ticket has to offer. One of these rules is that you can fly only in one direction, for example, flying west to east ONLY. Careful planning will help you cover all destinations while still keeping this rule.

The second thing you need to know is that you’re around the world airfares much depend on the miles you cover. There are a fixed number of miles you get with your ticket, and a set number of stopovers you get with those miles. If you plan your destinations for miles over this limit, you need to buy extra miles.

The third major thing about round the world airfares is that they also depend on the changes and modifications you make to the itinerary. Some travellers tend to modify their destinations as they go – which makes these tickets extremely costly for them. If this is bound to happen to you, it is best to find an alliance that allows such changes on the go.

Around the world, airfares require you to play by a lot of rules, but in the end, they are highly convenient to travel the planet without having to do too much brainstorming over flights.