Round the World Flights: Reputable Travel Agency that can Manually Book

Buying round the world flight tickets from airline alliances is often the first option of travellers and frequent flyers—but this might not be the ‘best’ option in many cases. It is often better to book RTW tickets with third-party travel agencies because they offer some benefits that you cannot get from any of the airline alliances, including the following:

  • Create your dream trip with a manual booking.

It is indeed convenient to use online booking platforms whilst planning a trip. However, manual booking is still much better in terms of finding the cheapest deals. Travel agencies have human agents whom you can talk to. They can help you plan your dream vacation according to your goals and budget, arranging round the world flights that are uniquely suited to you.

  • They can provide assistance during your travels.

Travel agencies do more than just find the best deals for you. They also make sure that you enjoy a stress-free trip. They recommend itineraries that suit your needs and preferences. They provide travel tips. They can and will assist you in case you miss your flight or run into travel-related issues.

  • Get free travel insurance.

Like airline alliances, travel agencies also offer insurance to cover you during emergencies and unforeseen eventualities. Airline alliances will often charge you extra for this, but some travel agencies won’t. You can save some money this way.

Booking your around the world flights with travel agencies is advantageous especially if you want to save money and have more freedom in your planning.  Because not all travel agencies can truly deliver, you have to do your research and look at the services they offer before booking your round the world flights.

Find out how flexible they are by asking them if they can do the following: Book with your preferred airlines, allow overland travelling, change travel dates, and destinations. Don’t forget to look for reviews from their previous clients to verify if the agency is indeed honest and provides superior customer service.