What is Round the World?

What does it mean?
Some call it Round the World, the others may call it Around the World. But at the end of the day, the terminology hardly matters. And well the meaning of RTW, it’s all experience and no dictionary or technical terms will help you define it. To sum it up, a RTW trip is a game changer and is surely going to change the person you are from within as well as on the outside. Your perspective towards life itself will go for a toss once you are on the road.

Do I need it?
A RTW/ATW trip is your ticket to seek an adventure of a lifetime and undergo a sea of change and experience different things that life has to offer. They say travel is the best teacher, and mate, it surely is. Going round the world lets you see different landscapes, different cultures, experience cuisines, get into trouble and get out of it, and what not! The list is endless. You make your own bucket list once you are on the go for a RTW trip.

You must have dreamt about packing your bags and being on the go for a longer period of time than your usual vacations. Leaving behind your daily routine and chucking it all for the experience of a lifetime. You buy a RTW ticket, you buy your ticket to live life to its fullest. You will never be the same as a person when you are on the road, experiencing the dust, the rains, the lush green mountains, the serene ocean waters, the sunsets, the sunrise, the wildlife and you name it, you will get it.

Is there a way to define it?
There is no standard definition of a RTW trip. You make your own RTW trip, you decide the rules of the game, but hey mate! sometimes it pays to not have any rules, just go with the flow and let go off yourself. We simply say, travel the world, the way you want to see and experience it. Travel to different countries, cross oceans, cover continents and travel for four, six, eight months or more! Break the barriers and hit the road. Go RTW.

When should I go?
As you read this article, there are numerous folks who are setting foot for their RTW trip, or are booking their tickets or maybe some of them are catching their first flight out of their home country. So do not wait and make it any longer. Get inspired and go with the flow!

How do I begin?
Want to know more about RTW travel and how to make your dreams of seeing the world into a reality, get in touch with our team of RTW experts. Our experts have themselves undergone a sea of change by travelling the world and they will surely have some unique and nice experiences to share with you on going about and planning your RTW trip.  

Our experts will assist you for your RTW trip from scratch. Be it RTW tickets or providing you inspiration, helping you plan or guiding you about stopovers or visa related information, we will cover everything for you and help you get on the road and go round the world.

So get in touch with us for your customised and tailor made RTW trip or go through any of our sample RTW itineraries to get an idea of what your RTW trip might look like.

So go on, travel the world and see yourself change. Explore the World. Explore Life!