RTW Planning

Let’s Get Organised! The Planning Process

The idea is in your head, you’ve realized you can do this, but then you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start. Let us help! We have more than a decade of experience as travel agents specializing in travelling around the world, on top of our own personal experiences of RTW travel. We’ve done it before and know the drill. Some of us have had to learn about the huge task of planning a  Round the World trip the hard way, but it means that you don’t have to. We’ve simplified it all in the following pages so it’s easy to read and follow. And if something doesn’t make sense or you have questions, just contact one of our agents and they’ll be happy to help!

Let’s get organised so your journey is as stress-free and organised as possible, not just while you’re on the trip, but also from the moment you start taking your dream towards reality. Here are our tips for planning:


A timed out checklist: The big picture in checklist form for those who like to be super organised.

How to choose your destinations: Where to go and what to do? A few tips.

How to choose your dates: When’s best to do it? More tips.

Booking in Four Easy Steps: Taking your dreams to reality in a few steps with some additional links to important information to have when booking.

Insurance: A brief breakdown of what’s included with your ticketsroundtheworld flights.

Accommodations: Where to stay? Some booking tips.

On the Road – Tips and Tricks: From how to keep safe to how to keep in shape.