Dream To Reality In 4 Steps

From Dream to Reality in 4 Easy Steps

Planning a trip of this magnitude feels like a daunting task. While the decisions on what to pack might take some time, the actual process of booking is really quite simple.

  1. Dream Big: That initial step of taking your dream journey and plotting it out on a map might be the toughest part of the process. Narrowing the trip down to what is achievable within the time and budget available is a little overwhelming, we’ll admit. But it can also be really fun! Research some of the things you might want to do in each of the destinations and start to feel the excitement build. Read our page on How to Choose Destinations to help guide you in this stage of the process.
  2. Educate yourself and Plan: Read our pages on Open or Flexible Tickets, Multi-Stop vs. Around the World Travel and Backtracking, Business or First Class Tickets, Airline Alliances, Free Stopovers, Making Changes, and generally peruse some of the information on our website to educate yourself about your options when booking your tickets. Also use our tips in the Factors Affecting Price, and How to Choose Dates pages to get the most you can out of your journey. At the end of this stage, you should have a rough plan in place. Punch it in to our quote tool and hit send. Remember, nothing is set in stone at this point, but the journey has begun!
  3. Refine and Craft your Journey: Our agent will get back to you with a quote within a day or two and they will start to advise you on cost and possibly on different options you may have. They’re here to help you get the trip you’re dreaming of. Choose which flights you might want to upgrade or take their advice on the best routes to get your money’s worth while seeing all you want to see. At this point you should be thinking about dates too, and not only the weather In each of your destinations but whether you’ll be travelling in high season or low season, affecting the cost of your flights. Use our handy tips in the Factors Affecting Price page to make the best decisions regarding your itinerary. Once you’ve made all the big decisions regarding your overall route and the small decisions regarding dates and upgrade options, your agent will provide you with a final itinerary to review.
  4. Book it!: As soon as you’re happy with your final itinerary, take a deep breath and book it. You might feel an adrenaline rush: the excitement of what’s to come. The fear of commitment might settle in a bit and some apprehension of what you’re about to embark upon. You’ve committed now and there’s no backing out. But when you hop on that first flight, we’re sure you won’t ever look back!


It starts by dreaming big so contact us today so we can make those dreams come true!