FAQs (Planning)


When should I start planning my trip?

There’s no better time to start than now. You’ll want to wait until 6 to 4 months before your intended departure date before you start booking the actual flights, but there’s plenty you can do before then. Contact one of our agents with your desired trip and start the process of finessing it to make it the trip you want. Then, because you know what you want when the time comes, we’ll be able to help get you the best price on flights when they become available.

Can I make up my own itinerary and route or do I have to do one of your routes?
We create your trip the way you want it. We do have some pre-determined itineraries that you can use if you’d like, but they’re also there to give you an idea of cost and give you some ideas to get started from.

Are there rules I have to follow when setting my itinerary? Will have have to have the same start and end location and only go in one direction?
We aren’t limited by the rules of the airline alliances or automated booking websites. We offer you the flexibility to do what you want. Start where you want, go where you want, end where you want. Zig zag, go straight, drive or take the train, fly on your preferred airline, fly on the low-cost airline. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and your budget, and we can help with the imagination part. Look through our Factors Affecting Price page to get suggestions on how you can stretch your budget.

What does ‘surface’ or ‘overland’ travel mean?
It is any travel that is not a flight. We won’t book these for you but they may appear on your final itinerary. It could be car rentals, trains, buses or boats: anything that is not an airplane.

Does the price quoted include hotels, airport pickups, overland travel and/or travel insurance?
Our prices include only the flights to each of your destinations and if you choose, can include insurance. The rest is up to you. We can however give advice on good places for booking accommodations, overland travel, and tours. Just ask!

What airlines can you book and can I get my frequent flyer points?
We have very few restrictions on the airlines we’re able to use. If the airline is based in a country against which the US government has sanctions or if it is on the European Blacklist, we will not be able to book these flights for you. Occasionally we will come across some low-cost airlines which are only available for individual purchase online. Otherwise, we can book with any airlines.
If you have an airline preference or would like to get frequent flyer points, let our agents know and we will advise you of any cost difference that might result by booking these flights over others. Sometimes they will be more expensive, but the choice will be yours at the end of the day.

How much will each destination cost me?
The price of each destination will vary. We don’t calculate our prices by stop. See our Factors Affecting Price page to understand all of the elements that affect total costs and how we can use these to get the best prices. Also refer to some of our pre-determined itineraries to get an idea on costs. Or contact one of our agents today for a quote on the trip you have in mind.

Are there any stopovers I could add for free?
Yes. Often the cheapest fares will have stopovers in places where they connect and usually, you can extend your stay there for a minimal cost, if any. Speak to your agent about your options in this respect.

If I need to cut something out to meet my budget, where can I save the most money?
It’s the long-haul flights that tend to cost the most, particularly those crossing oceans or equators so eliminating one of these could save you significantly. Have a look at your route and see if any of these can be dropped. If not, speak to your agent. They might know of or be able to find a different routing option that could help the budget.

How long can I make my trip?
Your trip can be as long as you want or need. While you may not be able to purchase all your tickets before your departure on longer trips because airlines only release them 11 months before the date of travel, there are ways to work around this by buying your flights in stages. Speak to your agent or see our page regarding Booking Complications of Travelling for a Year.

Do I need to book onto specific flights or can I get ‘open’ or ‘flex’ tickets?
We offer open or flex tickets which will give you the flexibility to choose your dates of travel while you’re on the road, though these tickets do tend to cost a bit more. See our page on the Risk and Reward of Open or Flex Tickets for more details.

What concessions do you offer? Students? Seniors? Kids?
Concession prices offered are those offered by the airlines. Our flexibility will enable us to book with the airline that offers the best concessions if you are eligible for these lower prices. The below is just a guide as each airline is different. Speak to one of our agents for a more exact pricing.
Unfortunately, most airlines don’t have discounts for senior citizens. A few do and we will do our best to find those deals if you fit into that category.
For children, there can be considerable savings. An infant under 2 years of age does not need a seat and therefore the fare is generally 10%-15% of the cost of the adult fare. Remember that despite not needing a seat, the infant is still required to have a ticket. From the ages of 2 to 11, you’ll typically get a discount of 20%-25% off the cost of the adult fare.
Not only students, but teachers and youths (anyone under the age of 26) can also often get lower fares. We can’t guarantee these, but if you can provide us with your student ID or teachers’ certificate (airlines require these), we will let you know if they’re available for your trip.

Can I make a group booking?
Of course! We have years of experience booking groups on these types of trips and in dealing with the added complexities that group travel involves. Be sure to let us know it’s for a group and the size of the group when you request your initial quote.

Why can’t I get my quote instantly?
To get you an accurate quote, with the best possible prices, it is best to avoid automation that limits your searches. We have an actual person look at your itinerary and find the best prices, responding to you not only with a great price but also with suggestions on how you can adjust your route to make it even better.

Where do I find out if I need visas ?
Our agents keep themselves informed about constantly changing visa requirements for every country. They will provide you with visa information for your specific trip, bearing in mind your nationality and the countries to which you will be travelling.
It is also always a good idea to check with the embassy or consulate of the country you’re travelling to, to get the most up-to-date and accurate information. Check early, before paying for tickets, to ensure that you should meet all the requirements. Check often, as things frequently change. Be thorough: check requirements for every country you’re passing through, whether by land or air. Even making connections, you sometimes require visas.

Where do I find out if I need vaccinations?
We recommend checking out embassy websites for each of the countries you will be going to for information on vaccinations. Also bear in mind if you’re travelling in certain areas, other countries may require vaccination certificates upon entry so don’t only check vaccination requirements for the countries you will be travelling to, but also check entry requirements as vaccinations may factor into these.
We further recommend that you double check any entry rules if you will be travelling with medication. Some countries have restrictions on what is allowed to enter and you might be able to talk to your doctor about alternatives if you think you will run into problems.