Prioritized To Do List (Timeline)





Decide on destinations.


Choose rough dates and a general route.


Plan what you'll do with your stuff back home when you go. If you plan on selling your house, you need to start looking this process now.


Determine when you need to apply for work permits and add to checklist.






Start researching visa and entry requirements. Check when you will need to apply for visas and add to checklist.


Use our quote tool and start discussing your itinerary with one of our agents and refining. Get your itinerary to a point where you're happy with it.


Set up your budget.


Create a savings plan.


Set up Frequent Flyer Point Plans.


If you're going to a big global event, start booking this leg as soon as you can.


More research: make a travel notebook to keep important information handy.






Get/renew your passport.


Research Travel Insurance options.


Book first leg of tickets and pay for travel insurance.






Make a trip calendar with your travel itinerary and some ideas for each destination.


Start looking into and booking accommodations, tours and overland travel.


Begin applying for visas.


Inform friends and family at home of your plans.


Inform friends and family abroad of your travel dates.


Update address book.


Make a plan for your apartment.


Make a plan for your mail/bills.


Make a  plan for your car.


Make a plan for your pets.


Make a plan for your personal belongings.


Research all things money in the countries you're going to.


Speak to the bank about the best way to access money abroad and order International credit cards and spare debit cards.


Ask bank when you will need to order currency for your first destinations and add to checklist.


Check you will be able to access everything you need online and if not, change accounts to something you can access:


  • Emails
  • Online Banking
  • Cloud storage for photos
  • Cloud storage for documents
  • Skype account






Research airline and train luggage allowances.


Purchase clothing and gear still needed.


Practice using any new gear.


Inform your work of sabbatical dates/quit your job.


Get extra passport photos.


Get International Student Card.


Set up Online Bill Payments.


Unlock your mobile.


Start filling your pre-departure calendar to be sure to see all your friends and family.


Practice being a tourist.


Check on vaccinations needed and book them in. Add to checklist.






Get International Drivers License.


Set up Travel Blog.


Download handy travel apps.


Finalise accommodations – at the very least, the first few.


Go to doctor or pharmacist for any medication you will need.


Book your car boot sale or start listing on eBay if you're selling off personal belonging.


Start making arrangements for subletting.


List your car.






Double check dates on itineraries and bookings.


Think about all the places to go and things to do to try to jog your memory for any last minute things.


Copy or scan important documents:

  • give a copy to a friend or family member at home
  • upload to cloud storage for your easy access abroad






Do your test pack.


Double check all checklists – consolidate to one final to-do list.


Stop or redirect your mail.


Inform your bank of your travel plans.






Check your first flight.


Set up out-of-town rule on your email.


Do some yoga or visit the places you'll miss from home.






Put your belongings in storage or give away to charity/friends.


Final Pack and inventory.


Pick up currency from the bank.


Last pre-trip laundry.






Finish last minute packing and do final weigh in.


Charge all electronics.


Say final goodbyes (don't drink too much!)






Eat a good meal and keep hydrated.


Get to the airport in plenty of time.






Check each flight a few days before departure.


Keep safe and enjoy yourself.


Call home occasionally.