The Human Touch

When you began your search for a RTW ticket, you probably started with a rough idea of where you wanted to go and you went online to price-compare websites by quickly and instantly get a quote on what your flights would cost. Because we live in a world of instant access to everything, we don’t want to have to talk to a person to get answers. You likely ended up at an online booking site, a one-stop, automated shop. BUT, these websites are limited and won’t necessarily give you the cheapest or best options for three main reasons.

 1. The cost of listing in these automated searches is high, meaning low-cost airlines, who need to keep their outgoings down, don’t list their flights here. This limits you to the cheapest of the most expensive flights to begin with.

 2. You generally have to give exact dates and airports. These dates might not match with the cheapest flights. Sometimes there might even be a better route. Because of the way the search engines work, you’re further limited to only the dates and locations you’ve chosen.

 3. Once you purchase your tickets, there is often no flexibility if you run into problems on the road, miss a flight connection or encounter some kind of emergency. And to talk to a person to sort out any problems is often near impossible or at the very least takes a lot of time and patience.


 While we offer you our quote tool to use, it doesn’t give you an immediate automated response. Instead you will be contacted by one of our agents with your quote. The advantage to this is that our agents are able to not only search a range of dates, routes and airlines but also to bring their own personal experience to the quote. They are experts and the value of the information they have from their own travels as well as from the years of booking these types of trips can result in a smoother trip at a lower cost. And the bonus is that if things need to change or if you run into problems on the road, you have a person you can contact who knows the system and can help sort out issues with your bookings. The value of the human touch and ultimately the time and money it can save you in the long run is worth far more than the ease of an instant answer. And with the money you save on your flights, you have more to spend on the fun things instead. To get your personalised quote, use our quote tool today or contact one of our agents.