Your Trip Your Way Our Promise

The route you want, the airlines you want, the dates you want and any changes you want, you get. We'll advise you on the best way to keep your costs down but if you want to zig zag all over the world on a specific airline, as long as they have the flights available to be booked*, we will book them for you. And if you change your mind on any of your flights, for any reason, contact one of our agents and they will sort it out for you. It's your trip, we're just here to help. 


*This requires the airline in question to have flights on the date in question. On very rare occasions, we will be unable to book tickets with certain airlines. If the airline is based in a country against which the US government has sanctions or if it is on the European Blacklist, we will advise you that we are unable to book the flight in question. Also, some low-cost airlines are only available for individual purchase online. In these cases, we will advise you to book that leg on your own and will make sure the rest of your itinerary works around these flights.