Around The World Tickets from Australia

If your travelling style is more spontaneous and you prefer a bit more flexibility on your travel dates, an Open Ticket is the best option for you. These tickets are not locked into specific dates and allow you to choose your travelling dates from abroad when you might have a better idea if you’ve seen all you want to see and done all you want to do in any particular destination. It is the flexible option from the road.

As we all know, last minute bookings have a certain degree of uncertainty and so, as with all bookings, you are subject to whether the airlines are flying on the dates you’d like to fly and to the availability on the flights for seats in the class in which you wish to travel. As a result, Open Tickets do come with some risk. With these tickets, it is best to book at least 7-10 days before flying to get the cheapest deal.

If this sounds like you, contact one of our agents today for more details on how these tickets can benefit you.