Why Round the World Flights are Considered Cheaper than DIY Planned Flights

To see and experience different cultures across the globe is life’s greatest adventure. If you’ve been wondering to start a life of travel, consider booking round the world flights or RTW tickets. Worried that you can’t afford the prices? You are probably wrong. Here’s why:

  1. You are buying in bulk when you buy RTW

Many people have this preconceived notion that around the world flights are not cost-effective. Infact, the opposite of this is true. The total price may look expensive and that you must pay upfront, but, if you look closely, you’ll realize that you saved so much and are getting much more than what you’re paid for.

  1. Booking flights in advanced means cheaper prices

This trick is basically the same as booking a regular airline ticket. If you have a fixed travel schedule for the rest of the year, then you can book your round the world flights two to six months in advance. With proper planning, you can score cheap round the world tickets that won’t break your bank.

  1. You can increase your frequent flyer points

As you fly across the world with one airline alliance, your flyer points add up. Covering more miles allows you to get more points, which you can use for purchasing your next round the world flights. Next thing you know, you already have an elite flyer status.

  1. You can get the cheapest flight by booking through a third-party agency

You don’t always have to buy from an airline alliance because there are third-party travel agencies that offer round the world tickets, too. They partner with commercial airline alliances so that they can find the most affordable deals on your available travel dates. They offer flexibility and convenience because they are not bound by airline rules and restrictions.