Why Choose an Around the World Travel Agency That Offers Flexibility in Planning Your Trip?

When it comes to booking  around the world flights, travellers tend to go directly with airline alliances or use online booking tools. While these are convenient options, but certainly not always the best.  The wiser travellers still seek the assistance of specialised travel agencies that offer round the world flights because of the flexibility and freedom that they offer. Just how flexible are these travel agencies?

  • Manually book around the world tickets

Airline alliances promise quality and superior service. However, they limit your airline choices because you can only select flights from their partners. You cannot choose low-cost or budget airlines if you want to save money. This is not the case with travel agencies that book your round the world tickets manually. They allow you to fly with low-cost airlines and choose your preferred airlines whether they are part of any alliance or not.

  • Create your own unique itinerary however you want.

Most travel agencies allow you to start and end your itinerary  wherever you want. They are not bound by airline alliance rules and regulations because they set their own as customisation is the key. That’s why these specialised  travel agencies enable  you to fly in any direction, backtrack, and do overland travels. Of course, your travel arrangement or itinerary will affect the overall price but the point is that with such travel agencies, you have more choices.

  • Change travel dates and destinations if you wish.

Travel agencies also have open or flex tickets which are ideal for those who don’t have definite travel dates. This allows you to choose or change your travel dates before or while you are on the trip. These tickets cost more than the regular round the world tickets. If you simply want to change one particular date or destination, there is no need to buy open tickets. You can ask the travel agent to make the changes and you will be notified on how much you must pay.