FAQs (Booking)

Will I know my exact itinerary and which airlines I’ll be flying before I pay?

Prior to accepting payment, your agent will forward you a final itinerary for review which will have all the information about all of your flights. You don’t pay until you’re happy with it.

How early can I book?

Seat availability is only released by the airlines 11 months prior to the date of travel and flights are only valid only for one year after the date the ticket is issued. It’s best to book as early as you can within these limitations set by the airlines to get the best price. We recommend booking 4-6 months before your first flight for the first leg of your trip and booking later legs prior to leaving or while you’re on the road, depending on the length of your travels. If you intend to attend a major global event like the Olympics or World Cup, tickets for this leg of your journey should be booked about 11 months prior to the event or basically as soon as they become available.

How late can I book? Can I leave next week?

In short, the answer is yes. But, the cost implications of booking on such short notice will likely be pretty immense, not to mention all the planning required for a big trip like this might not be done. The very minimum notice we need is 3 business days, though at this time you will not be eligible for the least expensive tickets on most airlines. You will also have to be a little flexible with dates as flights might be sold out. A good thing to also bear in mind are visa and entry requirements and necessary vaccinations for the countries you are planning to fly to. Often you will require more than 3 days to get visas and vaccinations. Sometimes you can get good last minute deals but in our experience, it’s usually better to book early.
We recommend starting to purchase your tickets 4 – 6 months prior to leaving to get the very best prices and to allow yourself enough time to sort out all the smaller things.

When should I book to get the best price?

In our experience, you’ll typically get the very best deals if you book 4-6 months prior to travelling.

When do I get my final itinerary?

As soon as you’ve paid for your tickets, your agent will email you the full confirmed itinerary. You won’t pay for your tickets until you’ve approved the itinerary with your agent. You’ll provide payment and they’ll purchase each of the tickets. These tickets are issued immediately. They will send all details at that time, but a few business days later, you’ll receive a further copy of your final itinerary with the e-tickets for all your flights.