Travelling on a multicity ticket can prove to be a great value addition to your trip, especially if you have extra days in your  itinerary to spare. Such  airline tickets allow you to explore the world in a new light by removing the stress of being caught up in layovers in a renowned  city and being unable to experience those sights and sounds. A multicity ticket is arranged in a way that gives you a stopover in various cities along the way, giving you ample  time to  explore the city. If you have an upcoming break, here are some tips for finding affordable airfare in multi-city flights.

Tip #1: Check one-way

If you book a multicity flight by specifically opting for this choice on  airline websites, you will end up with a costlier ticket. This happens because the server automatically clubs up the fares for only the completely refundable tickets instead of booking with the lowest fares – making the ticket that much costlier. Always check the one-way flight ticket fare individually for each leg, and if the sum adds up to be cheaper, then you know your answer.

Tip #2: Be sure

Booking one-way tickets for each leg individually works only when you know you will not be changing your itinerary. If there is any change to be done during your journey, it is going to cost you dearly, which is why most people prefer to bear the cost of a multicity ticket for the flexibility they get with it – which is what travelling is all about. You don’t want to be flight-tied on your travel.

Tip #3: Check the route

Airlines can get pretty demanding at times, deliberately routing you over oceans or backtracking during your multicity flight, only adding miles to your ticket and building up costs. The best way is to first let the server generate a ballpark figure for you for a multicity ticket, and then individually checking each layover to eliminate any backtracking and booking a separate leg for that stretch.

Tip #4: Check less traffic routes

If there is a major city you want to see on the way which is not travelled too much but is essential on the airline route, the airlines may give you a cheaper ticket to fill up the seats. Dig these deals.

Use the tips above to book the cheapest multicity tickets.